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skyward cello music cd by marcia sloaneSongs and instrumental works by Marcia Sloane for cello with vocals, guitar, accordion, clarinet, piano, and percussion; including “Stories of Joy and the Trickster: Musical Vignettes on 5 Paintings of Marc Chagall” for cello, clarinet, and piano.

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Sample Clips

1. Sunrise

2. When the Bow Hits the String

3. Skyward

4. Douce Pluie

5. Thunder Shower

6. Find Your Feet

7. Sevensong

8. Canvas of My Life

Stories of Joy and the Trickster:
Musical Vignettes on 5 Paintings of Marc Chagall

For cello, clarinet, and piano

I have always loved the work of Marc Chagall. The paintings which inspired this piece, and for which the five movements are named, contain images recurrent in his works: bird; village; bouquet of flowers; unicorn, donkey, and goat. The image of Chagall also appears, often as lovers with Bella, his sweetheart from youth, wife, and artistic muse. In the story told by these paintings, Chagall communicates with great compassion the ironic nature of life. Billy goats play cello, lovers float, donkeys wear suits and offer flowers, contrasting realities exist side by side, and opposites can both be true. Living in awareness of life’s ironies can be challenging, inspiring, painful, freeing. Chagall reminds us gently with warmth, color, and humor.

Marcia — winter 2004

9. I and the Village - Allegro moderato
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10. The Bride - Scherzo allegretto

11. Bouquet of Roses - Lento

12. Lovers in the Red Sky - Tango andante

13. The Painter - Finale

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Sheet music is available for Sevensong, Thunder Shower, and Stories of Joy and the Trickster